Pinnacle Treasure is a fine-grained metamorphic rock, formed 1.75 billion years ago, deep in the earth’s crust. Geologically speaking, it is classified as schist. During its transformative creation, clays and muds were subjected to massive heat and pressure forging a stone with enduring strength and durability.

      Analysis has shown an extremely low absorption rate and almost nonexistent change during Freeze & Thaw testing. Hence, Pinnacle Treasure is the perfect solution for stone used in extreme weather conditions. Testing has produced very positive results for compressive strength and abrasion resistance. The metamorphic process has created a raw building product that has exceptional properties for construction and building. Pinnacle Treasure works well in modern, contemporary, traditional and rustic settings.

      Pinnacle Treasure will add depth and dimension to any building project including: fireplaces, accent walls, patios, stepping stones, retaining walls and landscape features. It will compliment any style of decor creating the perfect combination of color and texture. We have spent years of research and development to bring you this desirable product line. Our quarries have multiple zones and veins that produce a unique range of coloring. Due to the broad color spectrum and geologic character we have divided Pinnacle Treasure into 3 collections: Deep Ocean, Sierra Brown and Vista Cloud.



Lifetime Durability and Strength

Appealing Natural Cleft Texture

Harsh Climate Approved

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Excellent Focal Point

Enhance Natural Setting