Pinnacle Treasure Rubble is perfect building material for large scale retaining walls, terraces and erosion control. It is also great for stacking to create interesting water features and 3D hardscape installations.

Half Head Rubble

Single Head Rubble

RUBBLE : Sierra Brown Half Head

Sierra Brown Half Head

RUBBLE : Vista Cloud Half Head

Vista Cloud Half Head

RUBBLE : Sierra Brown Single Head

Sierra Brown Single Head

RUBBLE : Vista Cloud Single Head

Vista Cloud Single Head


Lifetime Durability and Strength

Appealing Natural Cleft Texture

Harsh Climate Approved

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Excellent Focal Point

Enhance Natural Setting


ASTM Freeze & Thaw Test


Pinnacle Treasure is the perfect solution for stone used in extreme weather conditions. After 300 periods of Freeze/Thaw - No Noted Physical Damage or Separation and No Color Change.

ASTM Basic 5 Test Summary


Testing has produced very positive results for compressive strength and abrasion resistance. The metamorphic process has created a raw building product that has exceptional properties for construction and building.

Pinnacle Treasure

  • One of the oldest rocks on our planet
  • Fine-grained metamorphic rock
  • Lifetime Durability and Strength
  • Extremely low absorption rate 0.7%
  • Test proved: no physical damage,
    no separation and no color change